• You Can Negotiate at the Supermarket!

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    I had no idea it was possible to negotiate prices at a large chain grocery store until today. I was in line at the deli counter behind a tiny, sweet old lady. She pointed at a small end of a ham in the display and asked the clerk to weight it for her. It was about half a pound. What happened next floored me.

    “Will you sell it to me for half price?” she asked the clerk.

    “Yes,” he said, and wrapped it up for her.

    I commented to her that I didn’t know you could negotiate the price of a ham. She told me that if the meat is less than a pound, they will often sell it at a discount. That’s because it is too small to slice and sell. She pointed out that these ham ends are the perfect size to chop up and use in a casserole or cold salad.

    You never know what you might learn at the deli.


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