• Sweet! Getting a $30 Rebate

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    Tonight I confirmed that I will qualify for a promotional $30 bonus cash rebate from Discover card. I usually just throw away any fliers that come with my bills without reading them, but recently an offer caught my eye. Discover card was offering a $30 bonus cash rebate if you set up an autopay feature with any number of service providers, including cell phone service providers. Autopay can take a few weeks to activate, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the service activated before the rebate offer expired. Tonight I just checked my cell phone account online and it looks like the autopay feature will go through five days before the offer expires. Looks like I will just make the cutoff!

    I love when things work out properly!

    BY the way, the credit card I used has a zero balance. I’m going to get the rebate then cancel the autopay service and immediately pay off the (small) charge to my card.


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