• Personal Finance Blogging Articles Make Me Blush

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    Today MSNBC ran an article about personal finance blogging. Of the articles that I’ve read about personal finance blogging this one is one of the better written ones, and includes tips on who to get started with your own blog.

    At the forefront of the article was Ms. Nicole Mladic, aka the Budgeting Babe. Also featured were Mr. Jeffrey Pritchard, aka All Financial Matters, and Boston Gal’s Open Wallet.

    Oh yeah, us.

    Funny thing is that we’re in more debt than what the article cited, a mere $90,000. For the record, our last net worth statement shows we are actually $150,926.22 in debt. Looks like I’m going to have to send in another correction. It looks like the article also cites Budgeting Babe’s numbers incorrectly also.

    First time readers, welcome.


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