• May Net Worth – Strong Month

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     April 2006May 2006% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$94,405.24-$90,945.053.7%
    His SIMPLE IRA$3,619.25$3,695.592.1%
    His Roth IRA$6,491.96$6,174.57-4.9%
    His HSA$449.59$454.411.1%
    Her 401K$6,375.00$6,625.533.9%
    Her Roth IRA$1,300.00$1,504.0015.7%
    Household Items**$25,000.00$25,000.000.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$57,866.36$59,981.173.7%
    Credit Cards$16,865.20$15,777.77-6.5%
    Student Loans$135,406.40$135,148.45-0.2%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$152,271.60$150,926.22-0.9%

    May was a pretty good month for us. Her worked a lot of overtime, and I got a modest raise. That allowed us to pay off more credit card debt, and will also allow us to put more towards that debt on a regular basis. We’re also beefing up the wedding fund with some of that money as well.

    The value of the car…went up. I’m thinking there was something I did wrong last month on Kelley Blue Book that I fixed this month. Whoops.

    *Cash: This variable doesn’t change month-to-month since that’s about how much we have in our checking account, couch cushions, wallets, etc., at any given time. I’m thinking this category may just disappear in future iterations.

    **Household items: We know we’re going to get shit about this category again, so in the next month or so I’m going to actually try an assess what all of our crap is worth, along with asking you guys whether or not it should be included. Until then, it stays. Anyway, we like the fact that we can get a little help from it, you know?


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