• I Heart Lowes!

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    I am completely blown away by the fantastic customer service we received recently at Lowes. Get this: not one but SIX of their employees treated us like royalty, and all on a busy Saturday afternoon. Here’s how it went down.

    On a Saturday afternoon, we saw an ad for a great price on an air conditioner at Lowes. Not wanting to drive out there in vain, I called first to check if it was in stock. The phone rang and was answered on the first ring by a polite, articulate woman. She checked the inventory in her computer and replied that they had it so fast that at first I thought she hadn’t checked at all. I figured I had better confirm that she had really looked it up (I mean, seriously, it had taken her about a nanosecond) so I asked her what the price was. When she confirmed the correct price (again, in a nanosecond), I asked if they would hold one for us. She promptly transferred me to the air conditioner department, where my call was once again answered on the first ring. She man located the air conditioners and assured me there were plenty so there was no need to hold one. Fantastic! So we get in the car and go.

    When we got there, we found the giant air conditioner display right away, but the model we wanted was on the top shelf about 20 feet in the air. We looked for a salesman – lo and behold one was standing about ten feet away. He and another salesman assured us they would get it down right away and went off to get a forklift. It took them a few minutes, nothing unreasonable in my opinion, and heartily apologized for the delay. They got the unit down for us and even fetched us a hand truck to get it up to the register.

    At the register, things didn’t go as planned. I had wanted to use a rewards credit card, but the card had expired a few days earlier (I hadn’t noticed). Rather than getting irritated, the cashier re-tried the card in the card reader, tried typing it in by hand, and even offered to try typing in a later expiration date to see if that would work. I declined (at that point I wasn’t sure what the new expiration date was and I didn’t want her to get in trouble for fraud or anything) and paid with a debit card instead. The cashier offered to have someone help us out to the car, which we accepted. It was a really big and heavy unit, and with his recent knee surgery, Him isn’t in the best condition for heavy lifting. A man showed up right away and waited with me while Him got the car. Then he tried to help us fit it into the trunk. It was too tall. I suggested we fit it in the backseat on its side, but the man told us this would harm the unit. Finally he helped us take the air conditioner out of the cardboard box; then the air conditioner just barely fit into the car. To top it off he even got some twine and tied it into our car for us. He told us he isn’t actually supposed to do that (for liability, I suppose) and made us promise to drive home safely. We tipped the man with the cash we had on hand, but I wish we could have given him more.

    All told, we interacted with not one but SIX Lowe’s employees that day, and EVERY one of them went out of their way to be unusually kind, respectful and helpful. Six out of six can’t be some kind of divine accident. The management at Lowes must be doing a super job of training and motivating their employees. I couldn’t be more pleased with how we were treated!


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