• Don’t Scrimp On Printer Ink

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    HP is running a new series of ads warning customers not to use off-brand inks in their HP printer. “Only original HP inks for your HP printer come in new cartridges with new print heads. That’s why they’re 35 percent more reliable than bargain ink cartridges,” claims the ad. And for once in my life, I have to agree with the ad. I recently tried an Office Depot cartridge in my printer and things could not have gone worse! First, the cartridge leaked ink all over the inside of my printer, messing up both the printer and my print jobs. After two weeks, the cartridge’s microchip ceased communicating with my printer. So even though there was a print cartridge in it, my printer kept repeating that the cartridge was missing. Awesome.

    I took the cartridge and my receipt back to Office Depot and requested an exchange or a refund. They treated me like a pariah. They kept repeating that they don’t accept returns after 14 days, and I kept repeating that it was obviously defective and they should stand by their warranty. They were mad that I didn’t bring in the box from the cartridge – seriously, who saves the box??? Finally, when I made it clear I wasn’t leaving without a refund, they grudgingly agreed to one. Then they made a huge speech about how they will only do this once for me – as if I have a collection of thousands of broken cartridges at home that I’m just waiting to unleash upon them. Sheesh! In the end, it was me who thanked them and wished them a good day, to which they did not respond. What ever happened to the customer is always right?

    I’ve had my printer for 3 years. In all that time, the only problem I ever had was with the off-brand cartridge. It’s not worth damaging my printer to save a few bucks on ink. I’ll never go bargain again.


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