• Book Review: 1000 Best Wedding Bargains (3 Stars)

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    I’ve been using 1000 Best Wedding Bargains as a constant reference for several months now, so I figured it was time to post a book review. I love this book. A good percentage of the ideas are things I never would have thought of on my own. For example, bargain #735 says to ask your liquor supplier if you can purchase their “dead stock.” These are vintages that have been removed from their menu, and the excess stock is sitting in their basement. They may let you purchase this stock at a deep discount.

    The book can be repetitive at times. Sometime the same bargain is re-stated four different ways throughout the book. They could have done a better editing job. Reading this book is kind of like listening to advice from your batty aunt – she’ll repeat the same sentence ten times, but then come up with something profound.

    The other dislike I have for this book is the way it was bound. The book is tall and fat, with a glued soft cover binding. Trying to hold it open is like trying to part the Dead Sea. There’s no way to do it without bending the binding, which is unfortunate since I like to take care with my books.

    Overall this is a great book that can really help a bride plan things inexpensively while creating an upscale look. One of my favorite upscale ideas, creating a wedding monogram, came right from this book. I recommend it for anyone planning a wedding no matter the budget, since this book will keep you from over-paying on everything. If it weren’t for the sloppy editing and poor binding design, it would earn four stars. As is, I give it three.


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