• You Can Sell Anything On Ebay – Slimeball Coat Edition

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    This one’s for all the women who have had to suffer through unwanted advances while trying to have a fun night out at the bar.

    Hey Slime Ball- I have your Suitcoat! Buy it back here!
    (EDIT: This was taken down by eBay. What a bunch of fun-haters.)

    Apparently, drunken college guy annoys poor girl in bar in effort to pick her up, fails, but asks said girl to hold onto his suit coat. Girl takes suit coat home, including Gucci sunglasses, and puts it up on ebay.

    Classic line from the listing:
    “First of all; women do not like guys who wear suits to the bar. If a woman asks you what you do for a living (only to mock the fact that you are clearly wearing a suit at the bar to try and impress the ladies) and you reply- “No job, Career Fair” You are definitely not getting laid.” emphasis mine

    The pictures are worth the price of admission alone. Enjoy.

    (via Gaper’s Block via The Register)


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