• Thrifty Tip For Muffin Lovers

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    I love muffins. I used to stop by a Dunkin’s Donuts on my way to work almost every morning and but a muffin. My muffin habit cost me $14.25 a week! Since it was paid for out of my allowance, I quickly got tired of being broke. A few months ago I decided to change my habit and start baking muffins at home on the weekend so I would have them ready to take for breakfast every morning. It’s worked out great! Muffin mix is now a staple on my grocery list and I stock up when they’re on sale and we have coupons. Sometimes they’re even “buy one get one free” so we end up with a week of free muffins! They only take 10 minutes to mix up and 15 minutes to bake. And we bake them in the toaster oven so we save energy too.

    They’re a LOT healthier than the Dunkin Donuts muffins, too. A DD muffin has 455 calories, while the worst of the boxed mixes has 210 calories. Plus they taste better when they’re homemade. Best of all, I no longer have the possibility of opening my bag to discover that the muffin I requested was replaced with a Long John by mistake.


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