• The Many Perks of Overtime

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    For about a month I’ve been working toward a huge deadline at work and have been working about 20 hours of overtime each week (which is also why I haven’t been posting as frequently). It has taken a toll on my personal life (no time to connect with Him, exercise, grocery shop, or sleep) but there are some great perks as well.

    The best perk is overtime pay. I get paid overtime (1.5 times my hourly rate) after working 40 hours per week even though I’m a salaried employee. I will only be eligible for overtime pay until my next promotion, which I expect will be in a year or two. So I’m glad to have the overtime work while I’m getting paid for it!

    The second-best perk is the extra cash in my 401K. I put 6% of my pay into my 401K and my employer matches it with a 40% matching contribution. My overtime pay increases both my contribution and my employer’s match. It’s like getting two bonuses!

    Another nice perk is all the free food. My supervisor is doing a great job of keeping our team motivated. She has brought in all kinds of snacks and even expensed us some pizzas for lunch since we were too busy to leave the office for lunch. Every night she also orders dinner for us from some area restaurants. Since we work in the city there is a nice variety. So far this week I’ve had Thai, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican.

    With all my overtime pay, Him and I sat down and discussed where it should go. We don’t want it to disappear in our general expenses. We decided that our recent raises would go entirely toward debt repayment while my overtime will go into our wedding savings account.


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