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    If this isn’t your first time here, you’ve probably noticed that things look very different around here. If you’re still wondering, the answer is “redesign.” You onboard yet? Good. If this your first time here, we’d like to say “Welcome!” We’d like to especially welcome those who can from the Chicago Tribune article that featured Young and Broke, MyMoneyBlog, as well as us.

    Let us show you around the blog.

    Up on top in the header is your basic navigation. Get back to the homepage, cruise the archives, get in contact with us, or search the blog. Easy.

    On the right hand side of every page are “tags,” a fancy way of saying “categories.” They look funny because they’re in what is known as a tag cloud, with the larger tags containing more entries.

    In the right sidebar of the homepage, there is an aggregated listing of the latest 10 comments or trackbacks that have been posted on this blog. If you have been following comments in a certain article, be sure to look there first.

    Also in the sidebar is a place where you can subscribe to our blog. You can either subscribe to our RSS Feed (if you’re into that), or you can elect to receive an email notifying you when our site has been updated. Here’s more details on subscribing to our blog. Please, do subscribe before you leave.

    Last but not least in the homepage is the footer. There you can see our updated blogroll, featuring blogs and other websites we like to visit on a regular basis. Coming soon will be a listing of articles that we think are worthwhile to read, but not make a full entry on the blog about it. You’ll also find an ever growing listing of books that we have read and may have featured on this blog.

    Now on to actual content. Here are some tidbits about us, Her overview, and my overview. Read about our cheap sex, mistakes we’ve made, progress on our wedding plans, coupons coupons coupons, and how I’d spend money like I was never going to run out.

    So please join us on our financial journey. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.


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