• Keeping Up With The Jones’s Surgery

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    Everyone has heard the cliché of keeping up with the Jones’s, but this week we experienced a pretty odd example: Inspired by Him, our neighbor just got the same surgery today! It all started when we went out to brunch with the neighbors a few weeks ago. Him told them about his knee injury and the surgery he was scheduled to have. Turns out, our neighbor suffered a similar injury many years ago. At that time, the surgery was much more invasive and the doctor advised our neighbor to just make do with the injury. When we told our neighbor about the new surgery options available, he decided to have the same procedure as Him! Even though it’s an outpatient surgery, it’s not a walk in the park. I think tomorrow we’ll stop by with a care basket for him.

    I wonder…What would happen if we bought a big shiny new SUV and parked it in the driveway? ;)


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