• How Do You Save Money on Beer?

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    It is a fantastic Memorial Day weekend here in Chicago, so that naturally means bustin’ out the grill and chilling out with some tasty cold beverages.

    As Her has posted before, we save a lot of money on groceries by shopping for sale items and using coupons on those items. That is, until I head over to the liquor aisle, pick up a few bottles of my favorite alcoholic beverage, and put it in the grocery cart. What would have been 40% savings overall gets thoroughly decimated by some tasty alcoholic treats. Beer almost never goes on sale, and there are never coupons for beer. Woe is me!

    The economist in me thinks that I should just get a huge trash can, fill it with ice, and dump a keg of beer in it. I’ll be able to imbibe for weeks! That’s SAVING, right?

    How do you save money on beer?


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