• Carnival of Debt Reduction XXXVI

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    Welcome to the 36th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction! If this is your first time here, please follow the signs on the right directing you to a proper welcome page.

    This edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction is all going to be in form of haikus! For those that don’t remember, a haiku is a Japanese poem that has three lines that are 5,7, and 5 syllables each, respectively.

    Also, there were a few submissions that didn’t quite fit the theme of “debt reduction.” Those particular entries won’t get a haiku, but will get a mention at the bottom of the entry.

    Without further ado, here’s some debt reduction haikus!

    Make up, food, clothes, wow!
    Twelve-hundred five dollars spent
    Husband not gorgeous

    (We’re In Debt)

    This blog, two entries.
    Sell laptop, tickets. Less gas?
    Yarmin kicked off show.

    (We’re In Debt)

    Restaurant closed down
    Used other people’s money
    Big hole to dig out

    (Joel Maxwell)

    People have much debt
    Budget. Second job, maybe.
    Pay your debt promptly

    (Debt Free)

    Have credit card debt?
    A little D-O-L-P
    Credit cards vanish


    Mortgage need rescue?
    Con artists want your money.
    Beware of scumbags!

    (Pacesetter Mortgage Blog)

    Debt collectors suck.
    Shady business practices.
    Negotiate sum.

    (Free Money Finance)

    Buy now, pay later.
    Emergencies arise!
    No money to pay.

    (The Get Rich Project)

    Credit counseling
    Not non-profit anymore.
    Need help? Be careful.

    (Young and Broke)

    Yodlee, great service.
    Track all financial tidbits.
    Even all your debt!

    (Savvy Saver)

    Debt-free, not just money.
    Think big and positively!
    Personal growth helps.

    (Blogging Away Debt)

    Refinance mortgage?
    Tradeoff: interest, type of loan
    Decide best for you.

    (Searchlight Crusade)

    Good debt or bad debt?
    Many types can be either.
    Credit, cars, still bad.

    (Mighty Bargain Hunter)

    Bankruptcy for debt?
    Probably not a good choice.
    Consider options.

    (Journey to Financial Freedom)

    Debt payment is tough.
    Easy to get discouraged!
    Be patient, steady.

    (Financial Reflection)

    Radio, Netflix
    Cancel services, pay debt.
    He’s in debt no more.

    (No Credit Needed)

    These didn’t quite fit the mold, but you may also find them useful:

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    No Credit Needed Network is giving away a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Best Selling Book, Financial Peace University for one lucky person who signs up to the network.
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