• What I Learned From Our High School Intern

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    This year my office hired a high school intern as part of a program to expose inner-city youth to professional careers. He’s an uber-talented kid with a lot of confidence and perfect grades. He just got accepted to three Ivy League schools. Here’s how:

    The top guy in my office is a mega honcho. He’s been featured numerous times in big magazines, has books written about him, and is world famous. When our intern was applying to colleges, he walked right into Head Honcho’s office, sat down, showed him his work, and asked him for a recommendation. AND HE GOT IT. In my field, that’s like applying for college with a letter of recommendation from Jesus.

    In comparison, I have two Master’s degrees, have worked at my firm for almost two years, and have never even said hello to Head Honcho. Life lesson learned, now it’s time to make myself visible to upper management. Thanks for the education, intern.


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