• Wanted: Your Favorite Black Shirt

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    I want the perfect black shirt for spring. I have terrible luck with black shirts. They fade, shrink, pill and stretch. I’ve owned some that did all four. So this spring I am looking for your little black shirt referral. I live and shop in Chicago, so almost any brand is easily available to me. Here are my requirements:

    • It must be long enough in the torso to flatter. I’m tired of pulling down my shirt every time I stand up. It should hit just below the hip, and I have a long torso.
    • It should stay true to color. I am willing to dry clean but not hand wash. The sink is full of dishes and the last thing I need is a sweater on top.
    • It should be made of a flattering fabric. Nothing slinky or clingy.
    • It should have a nice neckline for work. My gazongas should stay neatly tucked away between 9 and 5.
    • No shrinking or stretching allowed!

    Can you recommend a favorite black shirt? It needs to be this season’s merchandise but one that you’ve already successfully worn, washed, and worn again. I’m looking for an honest recommendation for a product I can purchase this spring.


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