• Recovering From Surgery

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    During the past week I’ve endured the one-two punch of medical malaise, hence the lack of posts from me. The first was a pretty bad case of food poisoning that I got while traveling on business in Seattle last weekend. The second was a knee ACL reconstruction surgery that I had done last Wednesday.

    Fortunately, my recovery is going extremely well, and I should be back to work later this week. The first few days after surgery were a little shaky, with me having a fever and the effects of the anesthesia and food poisoning leaving me quite nauseated for a few days, making it was difficult to get calories into my body. The weekend was great in that the fever subsided and I had real food for the first time in a week — even a full Easter dinner.

    Her did a great job posting as much as she did and generally keeping the site running. Expect some posts from me now that I’m, uh, back on my feet. Pun intended.


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