• Perspectives And Guilt About Money

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    This weekend, I was tutoring a girl with her chemistry homework. She asked what kind of food was going to be served for lunch, which I replied, “Pizza.” She grumbled and told me that last week she was out of town and all her and her family ate was restaurant food. Then she said something that put my money matters into perspective:

    “I’m sick of restaurant food. Although we did go to a nice seafood place one of the days we were there. But it was EXPENSIVE. For the six of us, the bill came out to $80! I wouldn’t want to be the one paying THAT bill.(emphasis mine)

    It is weird to think that dinner for four later that night cost $145.00.

    Let me back up here for a second and fill you in on the details of this tutoring program. Once a week, underprivileged children from poor neighborhoods come to my church for after school tutoring. Most of these kids don’t have a stable life at home and are exposed to domestic violence, gangs, and drugs. Their moms aren’t worried about net worth – they’re worrying about how to survive.

    When I come home from a tutoring session, I can’t help but feel guilty, and even little greedy that I have had the opportunity to have even a few nice things. Thus, I have a hard time reading about the “struggles” of some pfbloggers goal to reach a million bucks. No matter how one looks at it, most pfbloggers are either a part of the upper echelon of financial prosperity, or are well on their way to getting there. I have a hard time thinking about becoming rich, wealthy, or even well-off, knowing that the kid I tutor went home to a life where that may never be reachable.

    Do you ever feel guilty about having too much when there are so many people who have so little? How do you reconcile this with your own beliefs and values?


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