• Open For Debate: Joint Portfolio

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    We have been managing our money in a joint checking account for a year with much success, and this week He broached the idea of a new joint venture for us: the Joint Portfolio. Up until now we have each funded and managed our own retirement accounts. He has a Roth IRA that was a gift from his parents and a SIMPLE IRA at work. I have a teensy tiny Roth IRA that I funded myself while in college and a 401K at work. When he suggested we might assess our combined portfolio to see if we are diversified and balanced as a whole, I thought it was a great idea. We discussed our similarities: We are both fairly aggressive in our investing strategy, make approximately similar incomes, have a similar amount invested, and are the same age. We think that this makes us good candidates for a Joint Portfolio. It would be nice to see all our investments at once and make sure that we are balanced correctly. It is probably going to take an entire afternoon and Excel to get it done, but I think it will be a good exercise.

    Doe you and your significant other make any attempt to manage your retirement accounts as one portfolio? Any suggestions for us?


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