• March 2006 Net Worth – A Few Days Late

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     February 2006March 2006% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$96,722.28-$95,577.261.2%
    His SIMPLE IRA$3,141.30$3,402.158.3%
    His Roth IRA$6,451.78$6,425.45-0.4%
    His HSA$801.36$720.62-10.0%
    Her 401K$5,313.62$5,922.9211.5%
    Her Roth IRA$1,265.00$1,265.000.0%
    Household Items$25,000.00$25,000.000.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$56,089.09$57,541.962.6%
    Credit Cards$17,727.61$17,324.58-2.3%
    Student Loans$135,083.76$135,794.640.5%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$152,811.37$153,119.220.2%

    * The “Cash” category now consists of all of the cash between Her and I. Month-to-month, it will be static because that’s about how much cash we have between the two of us at any given time.

    Some points to note for this month:

    Our student loan balance went up this month because of a late payment made before the birth of this blog. We got hit with a $600.00+ penalty since we paid for lost interest. Ouch.

    Our savings went up because we both got bonuses this month. We did splurge on some stuff and put it on a credit card, so that money will come right back out to pay for it.


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