• Financial Milestone Achieved!

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    Today, for the first time in my life, the total value of my investments (Roth IRA, 401K and ING Direct Savings) surpassed $10,000! I track these accounts in an Excel graph every day but it was still a big surprise to see it cross the $10,000 mark. For all those who have commented on our blog that we aren’t walking the walk as much as we talk the talk…well, stuff it. I am $10,000 richer than I was 18 months ago, and richer than I have ever been before. I feel like I won the lottery!

    How I accomplished this goal:

    • I contribute 6% of my salary to my 401K. My employer matches 40% of my contribution.
    • I bought a few shares of a few stocks when they were at rock bottom. For example, I bought shares of Boeing shortly after 9/11. I bought shares of GM the day it was downgraded. The Boeing has done great, the jury’s still out on GM.
    • Every Saturday after we pay bills, part of what’s left goes into my ING Direct account. Most monetary gifts also go straight in.


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