• Do You Slackers Actually Work At Your Job?

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    Since I’ve been on my couch recuperating from my surgery, I’ve been watching vapid daytime television and have been reading the never ending barrage of new blog posts. During the average workday, there are about a bazillion posts that are added a day to pfblogs.org. In addition to those people posting, there are even more who are commenting on said posts. Obviously, your place of employment is not one that actively restricts your internet usage, but it may be monitoring your online activity without you knowing.

    We try to only post when we’re at home because we do not want our employers to find out what we’re doing. We don’t directly reveal our income so technically we wouldn’t get fired for breaching non-disclosure agreements, but we still don’t need our IT departments to know everything that we’re up to.

    I do believe that employees are entitled to some breaks at work, and what is done on that time should be within work standards. It is when I see blogs with multiple posts during the day in which I think that there is some abuse of the system going on. No matter how much your job sucks, it is unethical and immoral to be getting paid to waste time.

    Please humor me, bloggers, personal finance or otherwise. Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

    • How many of you are posting at work?
    • How many of you are commenting at work?
    • Would you mind if your coworkers knew about your blog?
    • If you were an employer, how would you feel if you found out an employee was surfing the internet 3+ hours a day for non-work related purposes?

    Please feel free to comment anonymously if you feel you’ll get in trouble, slackers.


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