• Budget Inspiration: Guilt-Free Jaunt Around Europe

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    This week one of my co-workers made a big announcement: She’s quitting her job so she and her boyfriend can move to Europe, where he has been offered a position. Before he begins work, though, they’re going to take a month to jaunt around Europe. They make around the same income as we do, and they are paying off roughly the same amount of student loan debt. So how can they afford this extravagance?

    It took me a few days to piece together the answer, but I’m pretty sure I know how now: They saved their money for a very long time.

    Clue #1: When He and I first moved in together, we were planning to start using a budget. I mentioned it to this co-worker and she said that she and her boyfriend stick to a very strict budget, live well below their means, and never use credit cards for anything. She also mentioned a special fund they were saving for something big.

    Clue #2: As part of their move, they are getting rid of almost everything they own. She invited me to come “shopping” at her house this weekend, and I picked out a large toaster oven and a bedroom set. I tried to offer her money for them, but she wouldn’t take it (even though these items were really nice). She said they don’t need any money.

    To me, that is amazing! They are about to take a month-long vacation followed by a period where they will live on one income, and they are so well prepared that they’re not worried at all. I am impressed and inspired. To be able to do something guilt-free that you have dreamed of for years, now that’s a reason to budget!


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