• Things I Learned By Calling MBNA

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    A few weeks ago I applied for, and was approved for an MBNA card that offered 0% balance transfers until April 2007. It had a modest credit limit of $2,500, which allowed me to transfer my $1,500 Citibank Card at 20.99% balance onto it. My next highest balance was on another MBNA card with a 17.99% with around $1,400 on it, so I called MBNA to see that that balance could also be transferred over.

    Lo and behold, credit card companies don’t really want consumers transferring balances from high rate cards to lower rate cards. I also tried to see if they would consolidate the two credit cards, but I guess they only do that if both cards have no balance on them.

    The real surprise was that the customer service rep told me that I didn’t make a payment this month. Whaaa? As it turns out, both Her and I have MBNA cards, and when we were doing our online bill paying we paid her MBNA card instead of mine. The customer service rep was really nice about it and said if I get in my payment ASAP they’d waive the late fee. Whew.

    I wonder if they’d also tell me if I were a suspected terrorist by paying down too much on my credit card. (via Digg) In the near future, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have to worry about that.


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