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    Many PF bloggers plan to retire young. Here’s why I don’t.

    In many professions, employees are valued less as they age. In my highly traditional profession, the opposite is true. Many people in my profession have famously worked until they died – not out of financial necessity but because there is always one more triumph to be had, another contribution to make to the world. In my profession, wisdom and experience trump all, and the older you are the more highly revered you become. The oldest in my profession are considered masters and are treated with great respect. They are awarded the most challenging tasks and the most creative freedom. Many work with enthusiasm until their 90′s or later. Even those who have officially “retired” still maintain prime offices and are in the office several times a week. They serve as inspiration to the younger staff.

    Also, many people plan to retire early in order to enjoy international travel. My profession offers the opportunity to travel and even live abroad in almost any country on the planet. The most exciting foreign assignments are given to senior staff members with decades of corporate loyalty.

    In short, people look forward to retirement so they can reap the rewards of their hard work. But my profession will be most rewarding in my senior years. I plan to retire late, if ever.


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