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    I’m a little more high-maintenance than probably most male personal finance bloggers (and possibly even some females). I’m not like Jonathan over at MyMoneyBlog, who saved $250 in haircuts in the last year by having his wife cut his hair. I can’t stand having my hair look bad.

    I get my haircut at a salon, not a barber shop, every five weeks. The cost of the whole thing is…

    Wait for it…

    $35.00. And I leave a $10.00 tip.

    10.4 haircuts/year X $45 = $468 on haircuts.

    This actually shocks me because this is the first time I’ve done this calculation. I can’t help it. I’ve had bad experiences in college letting my fraternity brothers cut my hair. I won’t let Her trim it a little so it doesn’t look ridiculous, even if it is about time to get my haircut and my hair is long.

    But that’s okay! At the same salon, I used to get my eyebrows waxed. No person should have to look at the uncontrolled hairiness of a unibrow on a man. That alone cost $12.00, plus a few bucks for the tip. I quit doing that after realizing that my eyebrows were looking a little too feminine. Now I just shave in between the brows and pluck until it looks neat. I’m SAVING money by just doing that myself right? YEAH!

    I haven’t jumped to nail care…yet. Although they do look like they could use some work.

    I am so glad that this is an anonymous blog.


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