• I Need a New FeedReader – Bloglines Keeps “Losing” My Feeds

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    Earlier this month, I’ve had problems with Bloglines NOT picking up my Feedburner feed, saying it didn’t exist and gave me the dreaded red [!], so I offered an alternative feed. A few days later Bloglines decided that my original feed existed and all is well with the world, but as soon as the original feed was picked up, the alternative feed in Bloglines gave me the red [!] and says it doesn’t exist, and hasn’t for a few weeks now. Great.

    Today I go to Bloglines to read my daily news, and now my Digg.com feed is showing the dreaded red [!]. No updates! OH THE HUMANITY.

    I know, I know, actually VISITING the site isn’t that difficult you say? BUT IT IS INCONVIENIENT AND I’M LAZY AND FORGETFUL.

    Bloglines, I LIKE using you, but you’re having trouble doing the one thing you’re supposed to do: aggregate feeds and serve them up to me.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a new newsreader? Web-based only please.


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