• But It’s Only A Buck Per Band!

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    Two tickets to the Intonation Music Festival: $64.50

    Two tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival: $70.00

    Two tickets to Lollapalooza: $299.50

    Total ticket purchases for summer music festivals: $434.00

    Three weekends, over 200 bands, diminished hearing, stories and memories of a lifetime: Priceless

    Assuming there will be 200 bands total that we’re going to see, it comes out to $1.09 per band per person for each festival. Not bad. Not to mention this wasn’t put on a credit card. I’d pay way more than that just to see some of these bands by themselves!

    I don’t have a twinge of regret after buying these tickets. She and I are still talking about last year’s Lollapalooza and how fun it was. In 40 years, I’d like to be talking to my grandchildren about how daddy and mommy were Chicago hipsters in our 20′s and went to music festivals, not how we stayed home and paid the bills.

    We have to remember that personal finance is exactly that – personal. While that money could have been utilized for debt repayment or investing, I’ll trade that for the memories, fun with friends, sunburn, and the experience of seeing a lot of bands that I like. That’s something you can’t put a dollar amount on.


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