• Art + Stuff = Rock!

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    We here at Make Love, Not Debt are huge advocates of the DIY arts/craft culture. In fact, I even have a photoblog (no link because, well, that would destroy our anonymity, and we wouldn’t want that, right?) that I semi-regularly post photos to. And she likes to crochet!

    We also like to buy stuff. Well, we used to like to buy lots of stuff, but now we just covet stuff.

    So you could tell we were super excited to see a blog that combines both. Consumerist highlighted the super-cool blog Obsessive Consumption today, and I almost fell out of my chair. Artist Kate Binagaman draws the things that she buys. She also draws her credit card statements. Totally rad. Her site design left me drooling.

    She’s also been mentioned over at BoingBoing, so I’d suggest getting to her site before the server goes boom.


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