• A Way For the Non-Techies to Keep Up

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    I keep up with news and blog updates through my newsreader, but I’m pretty sure that many people don’t have the time or inclination to learn all about the wonders of RSS (and that includes Her). If you’re interested in getting on the RSS bandwagon, there’s a great article over at Blogcritics.org telling you why you should get on it (via Digg). I’ve saved so much time keeping up with news and blogs by subscribing to feeds. By the way, have you subscribed to our feed?

    For those of you who enjoy the life of a Luddite, I signed up with FeedBlitz (through FeedBurner) to enable you to be notified via email whenever we post something new to this blog. You can find the signup over in the sidebar. You don’t ever want to miss any of our posts, right?


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