• 1-800 Contacts: Did Not Fail During the Last Mile

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    Ramit over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich wrote two good posts about the Failure of the Last Mile, and examples of said failure. Here’s a story of the Success of the Last Mile.

    On Tuesday morning, I opened up a new box of contacts that I ordered from 1-800 Contacts. I popped one and, and I couldn’t see! I thought there may have been a defect in that particular one, so I tried another one…and I still couldn’t see out of that eye.

    Let me tell you that it is the weirdest feeling putting in a contact and actually seeing worse. It turns out that I mistakenly ordered contacts with the prescription of 6.5.

    Here’s a short lesson in contact prescriptions: contacts can have a prescription from -12.0 – +8.0: the more negative, the more nearsighted – conversely, the more positive, the more farsighted.

    My prescription is actually -6.5. Did I mention that I bought two years’ supply?

    Obviously, I screwed up pretty badly when I ordered these online. As soon as I caught the mistake, I called 1-800 Contacts. To my surprise, a person answered only after a few rings. She offered to either send a mailing label to send the boxed I had back to them and then they would send me the correct ones, or for them to send the new contacts right away with a mailing label to send back the old ones, of course charging me again for the new ones, but crediting me when the old ones are received. I chose to have them send the new contacts right away, and to my surprise the rep told me that she would send it via expedited shipping for FREE.

    Thank you 1-800 Contacts, for not ridiculing me for my mistake and actually making me feel good for doing business with you. You’ve earned a repeat customer.


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