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    I ran across View From the Sidewalk (via Digg) today during my morning reading. It is a blog of Michael Brown, a homeless man living in the streets of Greensboro, NC, blogging from the public library after being evicted from his home. His views are fresh and quite frank. He is what everyone does not want to become. He is what happened when life threw curveballs. From his blog:

    As the prospects for good jobs went down (by good, I mean a job that would pay me enough to catch up my bills, keep them up, and allow me to put a little away on the side to prevent financial emergencies from becoming overwhelming. In other words, just about anything above subsistence wage), my debt went up, to the point where the rent fell behind. And farther behind. And farther yet. I’d kept one or two steps ahead of the wolves as long as I could, but in January of this year, they finally caught up with me. I was taken up for eviction and my landlord wasn’t willing to work with me anymore.

    There are a multitude of articles stating that most families are only one financial catastrophe from becoming bankrupt, or worse, homeless. It would only take one of us to lose our jobs to be on the road to financial ruin, if both of us lost our jobs (heaven forbid), we would definitely be in trouble. You would never know that looking at me sitting in my office overlooking Chicago’s Millennium Park, in my Banana Republic clothes, sitting in my Herman Miller Aeron chair.

    We are playing a game. We are taking huge risks. Our emergency fund consists of a combination of our retirement funds, credit cards, our wedding fund, and the hope that we don’t both lose our jobs. We are only one financial disaster from blogging from the street.


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