• Welcome BusinessWeek Online Readers!

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    Hello those coming from Business Week! We’re very flattered that we’ve been mentioned, given our relative youth in the PFBlog community. The mention was small, but totally surprised us! We hope to keep writing about our trials and tribulations with debt, money and each other.

    Before you leave, please subscribe to our RSS feed. It’s like PB&J that comes in your newsreader!

    Here are some articles that readers have liked, and will tell you a little more about us:

    How He got into this mess
    How She got into this mess
    Cheap Sex
    Our Net Worth (or should it be Our Net Worthlessness?)
    Our Engagement

    We’d also like for you to visit the other blogs mentioned in the article:

    MyMoneyBlog (who the article focuses on)
    My Open Wallet
    NYC Money
    Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
    Networth IQ
    My Open Wallet
    Savvy Saver

    And of course, if you’d like to keep track of EVERYTHING that goes on in the PFBlog community, visit pfblogs.org, who keep track of over 200 personal finance blogs.

    See everyone in the Caymans! (which we didn’t look at as Honeymooning spot before…)


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