• This is Going to Hurt

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    This week we learned that this is going to be an expensive weekend. First, I found out that I’m 7,000 miles overdue to have my brakes replaced. We are going to have them repaired by a trusted mechanic rather than the dealership, so that should save us some fluff. Still, I expect the total cost to be around $500.

    Second, I learned this week that my health club membership has expired and also that my company has eliminated a program that allowed me to pay the annual fee through a bi-weekly paycheck deduction. So now I suddenly owe almost $800 for this year’s membership. This is actually a 50% reduction in price due to the negotiated corporate rate. He also is a member at this club, so I will be renewing here rather than look for a better rate elsewhere.

    The good news is that we have saved a good amount of cash in our emergency fund, so we’ll easily cover the expenses without taking on more debt. I also won a $300 award last week and am expecting a $600 tax refund soon, so I’ll be able to put back much of what we’ll be taking out. It just feels crappy to take a big hit when we’ve been doing so well lately.


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