• SBC, DirecTV, and AT&T Are All My Bitches

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    Over the weekend Slickdeals.net pointed to an offer to get faster but cheaper DSL from SBC than what we already have. You don’t even need to call a vapid customer service rep — just click through and see if you’re qualified. Later, we saw a promo for DSL for $12.99 at the regular speed. I called to speak with the worse-than-DMV-customer-service, and got that promo. We’re saving $7 a month and now that will be put towards debt reduction. SBC YOU ARE MY BITCH.

    I was feeling pretty good, saving at least some money, so I called DirecTV to see if they’d lower my bill. The guy on the other end of the line was pretty hard-nosed about getting me a lower rate. He offered me Stars, Showtime, or HBO at discounted rates. I held my ground and just held on for a rate decrease. I asked for $5 reduction for a year. He said six months. After wiping the sweat formed on my brow after such intense negotiations, I countered with 9 months. He said, “Deal.” Another $5 towards debt reduction. HAHA DIRECTV I JUST MADE YOU MY BITCH.

    She saw an ad in the paper — “Take the AT&T Triple Play Challenge.” AT&T says they can save me money on phone, long distance, DSL, and cable, (wait a sec, isn’t that a quadruple play?) or else they’ll give us a $20 gift card. I called, of course AFTER I got all of these rates lowered, and they could NOT beat what we are paying now, so now they are sending me a voucher that I have to return with copies of my monthly bill to prove that we’re saving. Hello, $20 to spend on something we probably don’t need. AT&T YOU ARE MY BITCH.


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