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    Thank you to all the bloggers who commented on our China post. We realized that we’d neglected to do two things: 1) Describe our style to our readers and 2) Work as a team to create a registry that reflects our values. Those comments inspired us to have a three-hour registry discussion last night.

    To start with, let’s just say there is very little we actually need. I’m very domestic and have acquired more household good than most married couples have after 10 years, which is why I have so much credit card debt! We own all the typical Bed Bath and Beyond items, plus a yogurt maker, a complete cheese carving set with olive wood handles, casual dinnerware that we love, and professional knives in a chopping block. The only things our home needs are large pieces of furniture like a china cabinet.

    Our styles are very different. He’s casual, I’m formal. But together we enjoy both casual and formal entertaining. We expect to entertain in both styles several times a year, so there’s no risk of our china going unused!

    We approached the registry the same way we approached our financial planning: by using the value-based plan. We value memories of our wedding day and life together, our friends and family, and the excitement of travel. So we decided that our registry should provide us with life-long mementos of our wedding and honeymoon, enable us to entertain and celebrate with friends, and help us create memories. So here’s our first pass at things we want to register for:

    A group gift, possibly our honeymoon or wedding photo package (I’ve seen some registry websites that break these items down into small gifts)
    A big parent/grandparent gift, maybe a large piece of furniture.
    Formal entertaining must-haves, such as formal china, silver and crystal.
    Fun, low-budget gifts like wine for our anniversary and frames for wedding photos.

    Some comments suggested we request cash to help pay down our debt. We’re not really comfortable asking for cash outright, although we’re sure to get some cash gifts anyway. We’re going to continue to pay down our debt ourselves, but we also want to have wedding gifts as keepsakes.

    Tonight went to look at china. It was fun and we have a good idea of what we like. We saw one pattern that was almost $7,000 per 5-piece place setting! We won’t be getting that one, but we are considering a $199 look-alike pattern. I think our registry will reflect our values and give us memories to last a lifetime.


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