• Our $84 show poodle

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    We have two cats. They were a bargain at the local shelter, $55 each and they arrived spayed and microchipped. One of them, we’ll call her “Snowball” is a mostly Persian mutt. She’s a pretty, fluffy white cat. She and I get along great, whereas He gets along better with our other cat, a brown tabby. Snowball has textured fur that mattes easily and she exacerbates the problem by rolling around and getting her fur all knotted. I groom her every night but over time, the mattes accumulate and become unmanageable. So recently we took both cats to the vet and had them shave Snowballs’ belly. They didn’t feel qualified to do a full-blown cat shaving, so they recommended a local groomer. It took a few weeks to get an apointment with the groomer so by the time we brought Snowball in, it was bad news mattes. We were going for functionality: we just wanted a naked cat at the end of the day. So a few hours later we picked up Snowball in her crate, paid $84, and took the traumatized cat home.

    Then we let her out and got our first good look at her.

    In addition to shaving most of her fur, the groomer also went crazy with what little fur Snowball had let. Our cat is now sporting the “Del Rio haircut” which consists of a lion mane, two pair of little Ugg boots, and nothing else. The best part was the fluffy bow around her neck. She looks like a freaking show poodle! It’s humiliating, for her and for us. There’s no way we can have friends over until the fur grows back. It looks like we wanted her to look like that!

    I can’t believe we paid $84 to make our $55 cat look like a poodle.


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