• Organizing Coupons

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    There’s nothing more frustrating than a misplaced coupon when you’re standing in line at the checkout. We tried using prepackaged coupon organizers, but found them to be just awful. For example, the one we bought had only eight dividers, which led to some baffling categories, such as the one that included “Cookies, Pet food and Baby.” So we bought two plastic check organizers like these at an office supply store.

    Then we used our computer to print out our own category tabs. We’ve been using them for a few months and they are working well for us, so here’s our list:

    Use Today, Baking/Nuts/Oil, Beauty, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast/Cereal/Bars, Candy/Cookies/Snacks, Canned/Soup, Cleaning, Condiments/Jelly/Apple Sauce, Dairy, Drug, Frozen, Helpers/Pasta/Rice/Potatoes, Ice Cream/Frozen Dessert, Laundry, Meat/Deli, Paper/Plastic/Household/Batteries, Pet, Produce/Fruit, Salad Dressing, Seasonings/Sauces, Store Coupons

    Having so many categories requires us to use two organizers, which is not so great. But it’s worth it because it is much faster to sort through a small category than a large one.


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