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    So She and I spent our Friday night NOT gallivanting with our other friends in their 20′s at the trendiest bars in town, but instead watching the Oprah repeat after Nightline. At least I went to Happy Hour earlier in the night.

    I’ve never really watched Oprah, but I can tell you that JLP is absolutely correct — there was about 30 minutes of content and 30 minutes of commercials. Like us, if you haven’t seen the first episode of the series, you can easily get caught up on Oprah’s website.

    The first half of the show focused on the Bradleys.

    I have a few words for Steven Bradley: GROW SOME BALLS.

    It is mismatched marriages like that which really inspires us to write this blog. While the blame seems to be put mostly on Lisa Bradley, Steven is equally at fault for letting those bills pile up. He had to have seen the pile of bills in the kitchen. It’s not like they were hidden or anything. While Lisa is actively destroying their finances and their marriage, Steven’s apathy and lack of action is also contributing to their decline. Lisa exerts plenty of control in this relationship, but it is very misguided.

    Also, it seems as if Steven is the only one working in their family. Aside from the things that Jean Chatzky suggests to cut down on their spending, why doesn’t Lisa get a job? It would serve two purposes: add more income to relieve debt, and get her out of the house where she probably has nothing to do but concentrate on shopping.

    On a serious note, I think that the thing they need is not just debt reduction, but also personal and couples counseling. They both have serious issues that are magnified when they act out when dealing with money.

    The other couple, the Widlunds, weren’t as scandalous, so I won’t bore you with my amateur analysis.

    We are in more debt than the Widlunds, and make around the same amount of money. About a year ago we decided to change things for the better. I think this show hit a sore spot with the both of us, because if we didn’t change, it could have easily been us on that show.


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