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    There are several ways to obtain coupons. You can get them in your Sunday paper, receive them as fliers in the mail, swap with friends, or purchase them online.

    NEWSPAPER! The Sunday newspaper always has between 1 and 3 coupon inserts, so you can get up to 200 coupons a week just from the paper alone. If the paper has especially good coupons, go back and buy additional papers to stock up on high value coupons. Tip: Advertisers rarely advertise in newspapers all across the country. This means that the coupons in a midwest newspaper will be almost entirely different than those in a west coast paper. You can get the coupons from across the country by buying them on ebay…

    EBAY! Take your list of preferred brands to ebay and begin coupon shopping by brand. If your favorite brand of pasta sauce is Prego, search ebay for “Prego coupon.” You may want to add it to your list of favorite searches, and have ebay email you when new coupons are posted for auction. Next, look for bulk coupons. Search ebay for “coupons.” Lots of people sell packets of 100 coupons cut from their Sunday newspaper. You won’t know what’s in the packet until you get it, but chances are you can use at least a few of them. These packets usually auction for under $3.00 including shipping. Tip: If your stores will not accept expired coupons, limit your ebay search to “Buy it now” items. This will allow you to receive your coupons without having to waste a week waiting for an auction to conclude.

    SWAP! Some public places have a coupon exchange already set up – check your local library. Typically it’s just a bowl where you can drop off your unwanted coupons and choose from the ones others have dropped off. It’s free! If there isn’t a coupon exchange set up already, set one up yourself. See if there is interest at your workplace, the library, your church, etc. You may need to take responsibility for periodically removing expired coupons from the pool.

    After a few weeks of collecting coupons, it is possible to get coupons for almost every product you buy.


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