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    I am so happy with my insurance company that I want to give them a shout-out. Country Companies Insurance has proven to be my #1 favorite company I have ever dealt with. I first contacted them when I wanted renter’s insurance my sophomore year of college. Their rates were comparable to all the other guys’ rates, but their customer service really stood out. So when I got my car insurance policy a few years later, I went through them again. Since then we’ve added His car insurance and switched policies a few times, but have always been super happy with them. Here’s what makes Country Companies so great:

    They know me by the sound of my voice when I call. I never have to give my agent my last name or account number because she knows it off the top of her head. This isn’t because I’m a frequent caller, that’s just how great she is.

    My agent periodically looks over my account, finds ways to cut my premiums, and calls to tell me! Then she mails me the pre-filled change forms and adds little post-it notes highlighting the changes to my policy and showing me where to sign. She recently told me that if I improve my credit score slightly, I’ll be eligible for their reduced premium rate. One more incentive to pay down that debt! They also offer a huge array of discounts: Good driver, Good Student, Graduated Student (a lifetime credit for graduating), Multiple Policy, even an Engagement discount, which we got when He proposed. Apparently my ring has super powers that make me a fantastic driver!

    They have come through on every promise they’ve made me, whether it’s to call me back in 20 minutes or have an agent at my door the next day. Even my best friend can’t make that claim!

    When I’ve had to report a claim, and was very upset, my agent was sympathetic and took time to get the facts correct. I have never had a problem with a single claim.

    While I know I could get a cheaper deal at another company, I would never switch. You only really need insurance when you’re already in the middle of a disaster, so it’s nice to know there’s someone you can count on. You can’t put a price on trust.


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