• Good Choices

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    As a comparison to my parents Bad Choices, I’ve decided to list some of the Good Choices we’ve made as a couple:

    -Chose to complete our education before getting engaged
    -Chose to save up and pay cash for the engagement ring, even though it meant waiting longer than we wanted to
    -Chose to work as a team on our finances, spending time together each week to review our accounts, pay bills, and plan for the future
    -Chose to forgive each other’s previous financially bad choices, such as missed payments and unnecessary purchases
    -Chose to support each other in making good financial choices, such as discouraging splurge purchases and encouraging saving
    -Chose to combine our finances to double our leveraging power
    -Chose to pay off the highest-rate credit cards first, no matter which of us owned the card
    -Chose housing that is slightly under our budget to allow for extra savings
    -Choose to menu plan together each weekend so we don’t have to waste money on dining out during the week

    I’m really proud of the choices we’ve made.


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