• Finances Feel Yummy

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    Lately we’ve been posting a lot about our prior mistakes and current hardships, and some readers have commented that our debt seems hopeless. I think this is worth some discussion. Money isn’t just a number on a statement; it’s also an emotional roller coaster. We’re on the right track, we’re reducing our debt, but there are times when all this positive action can get overshadowed by negativity, even for us. As with any difficult task I think it’s important to keep sight of the big picture and stay positive. When I feel frustrated about our financial situation, it helps to remember the way principal and interest payments work. Every month we pay a little more principal and a little less interest. That means that next month will be better than this month, and on and on until all is right with our financial world. Ever watch Office Space, where Peter moans that every day is the new worst day of his life? Well, for us, every day is the new BEST day of our financial life! This has become something of a mantra for me. That’s how we stay positive. How do you stay positive?


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