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    –Roast chicken with olive tapenade marinade, corn and green chile bisque, smoked ham and mozzarella stromboli
    –Grilled habanero pork chops with apple chutney, cole slaw, and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes
    –Grilled petite New York sirloin seasoned with Creole spices and Crescent City steak sauce and served with organic onion rings

    Valentine’s Day dinner? Nope. According to an article at wired.com, these are some the menu items you can expect at lunch if you work at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, or Google. Gourmet lunches are only one of the perks at working at an “Ivy League Employer” – others include foosball, an in-house chiropractor, on-site auto service, or laundry service. According to fellow Chicagoan PF blogger Young and Broke, benefits can go a long way when deciding whether or not you have a good offer for a job.

    A cute story of ours is that we both interviewed for our current jobs on the same day, even the same hours. When we were finished, we went out to lunch to discuss our interviews, and more importantly, the benefits that are offered. Here’s a list of cool benefits that my company offers:

    –Free beverages, from bottled water to soft drinks
    –Free lunches, in the form of Lean Cuisines or frozen personal pizzas
    –Mostly everyone gets an office with a snazzy Herman Miller chair
    –Winter and summer parties at major sporting events, with free booze and food
    –Sick days don’t count towards vacation time/other time off
    –Free CTA (public transportation) pass (which has allowed me to sell my car)

    My base salary is lower compared with others in my field, but when the benefits are added up it exceeds the average. How do your benefits stack up?


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