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    I can’t believe our blog has been around this long already without us mentioning…coupons. We are coupon addicts. We are typically able to reduce our grocery bill anywhere from 25% to 100% by using coupons. I have a huge collection of coupons and we plan our menus around them. Every product we buy, we try to use a coupon. It has saved us a fortune since we started last year. So I’m going to post a series on coupons: How to maximize them, where to get them, etc. We’ve come to the conclusion that coupons enable us to buy the best brands for the same price (or less) that we’d pay for the generic brands. We look at it two ways: that coupons enable us to live a better quality of life and that they help us have more cash to do fun things, like make our cat look like a poodle. I hope that our tips will be helpful to everyone else out there who is pinching pennies!


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