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    Every once in a while, a really great coupon comes along. I’ll post this story of one of our all-time best coupon coups ever as inspiration.

    We have two kitties. When we got them, our vet explained that feeding them good quality food will help keep them healthy and active, as well as minimize the litter box smell (because more of the food is digested, less of it is wasted). So we decided to feed them Iams dry food. Only problem is, that stuff is expensive. A 4 lb bag of kibble ranges in price from $7.99 (typical price), as high as $9.99 (at a store that only stocks a few brands of kibble, like a pharmacy), down to $5.99 (sale price), and as low as $4.99 at a rock-bottom sale price. By memorizing the range of prices, I know when it’s a good deal.

    I went on ebay and searched for “Iams coupon”. Some people will buy 10 copies of their local paper and sell the coupons in lots of alike coupons. So on ebay there were a few listings for 10 Iams coupons good for $5.00 off a 4 lb. bag. I bought the lot of 10 coupons for under $4.00 including postage. Then I waited patiently for the rock bottom sale price.

    I checked the price at Petsmart weekly. After a few weeks the price dropped to $4.99 a bag and I cashed in. I paid only the tax, so my total bill was under $8 for 10 bags of kibble. The regular price plus tax would have been $87 and I paid $11 for the coupons and tax. Savings: $76.

    The cashier was stunned. The kitties were stunned. He was stunned. I win!


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