• $125K paid off (not us)

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    I was cruising the Fool.com discussion boards today, and saw this post of the day about a family with over $125K in credit card and consumer debt, paid off in 7.5 years! They did it with a combination of the snowball method of paying off credit cards, personal finance discipline, and a lot of hope. Not only that, but the guy lost 30 pounds, gained a bunch of muscle, and is going to run in a half-marathon this spring.

    I subscribe to the pfblogs.org feed, so I read many PF blogs. There are only a few PF bloggers who are in debt, fewer who are in as much debt as we are in. It was a relief to see that someone got themselves out of a mountain of debt, versus reading about other bloggers who post about their capital gains, house flipping adventures, blah blah blah ad nauseum.

    No offense, but I mean it takes a few PF bloggers’ net worths to even pay for our debt.


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