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    We’d like to thank JLP for making us blog of the week — we are very grateful and honored. We hope that you’ll stick around with us for the long-run, as we have many financial obstacles to overcome; both as individuals and as a couple. I mean, right now it is 11:53PM on a Saturday night, and we’re doing the most financially sound thing you can do in the city of Chicago: NOTHING.

    Before I forget, please subscribe to our feed.

    In the next few years, we hope to accomplish many goals. Here is a preview as to what’s in store:

    –Wedding, wedding, wedding! Frugal wedding? NO WAY. We’ll show you how we’ll keep shooting ourselves in the financial feet!

    –Debt, debt, debt! See how my Citicard’s grandfathered 20.99% interest rate will make me wake up in cold sweats and how my low credit rating that won’t allow me to get a better card!

    –Anecdotes, anecdotes, anecdotes! Statistics, who needs them? Follow our advice (of course, after reading our disclaimer) when we don’t know what we’re doing. Sounds good to me!

    –Humor, humor, humor! Are you sick of everyone posting about ING, HSBC, and Emigrant Direct? WE’RE GOING TO POST ABOUT THEM EVERY CHANCE WE GET. TWICE. Seriously, personal finance blogs can get a bit dry, so we’re going to try and spice things up a bit.

    So please, come for the Him and Her relationship finance banter. Stay for the pie.


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