• The cost of good health

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    Our recent engagement spurred both of us to look inward not only financially, but physically, too. During the course of our relationship, we settled into the “comfort zone” and stopped taking care of ourselves, and put on a few pounds. Ugh. So we started working out — not just a New Year’s resolution, but also a wedding resolution.

    My fiancĂ©e already has a health club membership, but wasn’t using it. She got a discounted membership through her work — they prepaid the full yearly amount, and that balance is paid back as a deduction from her paycheck. I became a full member at the same discounted rate a few days before the new year. For me to gate that rate of $699 a year, I had to pay the full amount upfront. As per our first post, we didn’t have much in our checking account, but we had that amount in our ING Direct savings account. The health club urged us to lock in that rate before the new year because they were getting new rates after the new year. So we ended up putting the membership on one of our credit cards with no balance on it. We’ll pay it off when we get the bill. Now we both go, with the goal of at least three times a week.

    $699 a year, or $58.25 a month for a health club membership. In our current financial situation, this may have seemed like a really bad financial decision. But if we actually do go at least three times a week like we want to, that will lead to greater health. The costs of obesity and related conditions is almost $100 billion dollars yearly; not a good sign when my my body fat composition is 27% — a far cry from the ideal 15-20% body fat that a healthy man my age should be.

    I also have hypertension, which I treat with a medication that, luckily for me, only costs $7/month. Others don’t get better when they take the medication that I am on; their medications can be $50+/month. Hopefully, losing weight will allow me to be able to get off the medication.

    How much is your health worth?


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