• Marriage = wealth?

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    According to a recent article on CNN Money, research shows that married people build more wealth than their single counterparts.

    Well, duh.

    “I think it’s really one of these really simple stories that two can live cheaper than one,” said Zagorsky, a research scientist at the Center For Human Resource Research at Ohio State.

    Theoretically, all of the bills get halved: mortgage/rent, utilities, water, cable. Everything is shared: food, furniture, pets. Sharing goes a long way towards saving.

    The other thing that couples have that singles don’t: accountability for bad money decisions. Let’s face it, all of my friends are in their 20′s, and for the first time are getting large paychecks. They like to party. They like vacations. They like playing poker five nights a week until 5AM. I don’t think that the fiancée would be so kind if I blew more than $100 on poker. On the other side of the coin, if the fiancée came home with $500 in shoes (whether it be one or more pairs) I’d be pretty disappointed.

    When it is more than your own personal finances at stake, you tend to be much more careful where the dollars go.


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